Yieldin solutions aim at supporting each player in the RM Cycle

We are Revenue Management (RM) experts and passionate. Together,
we want to make revenue increase a general concern in the organization.

YIELDIN is recognized by the French Research Ministry as JEI, Young Innovative Company


- 01 -



Driving Analysts towards the most urgent flights

Explaining each flight situation and recommandations

Recognising whether to adapt to competitors’ moves

Using smart filtering for regrouping similar flights and alter them by mass actions

Providing smart wizzards for intuitive and complete route settings

Assigning preset strategies, enabling fast and efficient reactions


VISIUM supports me in DOING RIGHT my daily tasks

- 02 -


With VISIUM I can

Track easily instances of spoilage and dilution

Access emergencies and handle them before they become serious

Check that settings match tactics and strategies decided for each route period

Drive post mortem analysis  and detect past mistakes

Understand each route market situation and explain it to top management so that strategic decisions are taken in true conscience

VISIUM supports me in DOING the RIGHT RM

- 03 -


Why a route does not achieve budget? Sometimes I would like to understand better:

If we are within budget and if not, what is at stake

If our current or past RM has been driven consistently

If our RM settings fit each route strategy and market situation

Our price positioning among competitors and how it impacts low or top performing flights

When a route shows poor results, whether we have enough Demand and face a Marketing or RM problem


VISIUM supports me in EXCHANGING with my RM team and in taking, together, the right decisions

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