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The implementation between Visium and Bravo PSS has gone smoothly and has been completed on time. Even though Bravo could not provide inventory historical files, by processing all PNR’s files, Yieldin has been able to recompute all flight historical data.  We are now eager to fly again and hope we can soon benefit from all Visium potential.

Frédéric Revol, La Compagnie CCO



« Yieldin’s revenue management audit allowed us to understand the issues slowing down our revenue optimization. They brought us a solid vision about financial stakes and delivered a clear planning for technical and organizational upgrades. We have decided to invest in Yieldin RM solution and trust them in supporting our teams into the RM evolution that our challenger market positioning requires. It works. Revenue per seat increases. » LUC BERINI XL Airways CCO


Yieldin started its mission with XL by conducting a one-week RM department audit. Findings and recommendations were backed up by business cases showing dilution and spoilage instances. Yieldin clarified the issues that were slowing down XL revenue optimization. Yieldin always backs up its conclusions and ideas by extensive data analysis. Consequently, Yieldin drove a 6 months mission aiming at improving productivity and efficiency.

XL divides its capacities among Tour Operators and scheduled seat sales. Tour operators' contract modifications and aggressive competitor moves lead XL to steadily adapt its schedule and capacities, which reduces forecast reliability. Aware of that limitation, XL top management has always been reluctant to invest in traditional RM.


However, after Yieldin had developed an innovative, flexible and agile RM systems prototype, that matched perfectly a hybrid business model and challenger airlines position, XL asked Yieldin to develop fully its RM solution.



« Yieldin was quick to understand how Monarch can improve its ancillary revenue management tools and processes and to recommend solutions. The prototype they have delivered as a quick hit has enabled our retail revenue management team to detect Ancillary revenue opportunities with greater efficiency. We have been happy to collaborate with Yieldin in the development of an Ancillary Revenue Management solution to improve the quality of decisions to recommend the right price or special offer for the right customer. » SEB WERESZCZYNSKI Head of Revenue, Monarch Airlines

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Yieldin is very efficient and creative. I have been used to work with complex RM solution like Pros. I must say I am very much impressed by Visium. It is very agile, transparent and interactive. I like its flexibility, which is of course a key point when considering the current sanitary crisis. We are looking forward taking advantage of all the different tactics and strategies we can set up for each of our cabin. Visium Group Management tool is also a top product.

Christian Ganser, Air Belgium RM Manager



« We have been using Sabre Airvision RM module for a number of years. Yieldin was assigned to customize our RM solution so that our RM team can better anticipate dilution and spoilage. The solution provided by Yieldin works as anticipated. Since the implementation of Yieldin RM solution we have improved the revenue on the routes for which it is plugged. » PAUL BORG Revenue Management Director, Airmalta


In 2015, Air Malta CCO, realised that there were revenue opportunities by improving forecasting and analytical processes, and asked Yieldin to run an audit of its RM tools and processes. Yieldin convinced the team through their competence and hands on support for the team - including some customised coding tools - to fix above identified issues which previously had seemed to be impossible to solve:

- Flight current revenue displayed according to real revenue, computed according to up to date revenue accounting data. 

- Recommendations and customised software tool for adapting dynamically flight date season, thus overcoming some constraints of the RM systems.

- Alerts sorted out flights for which too slow or too fast speed could lead to underperformance, thus initiating immediate action by the analysts.

- Alerts warned users when out of strategic range competitor price differential could lead to underperformance, thus initiating immediate action by the analysts.

Yieldin, enabled the establishment of more precise data and a more dynamic and more reactive RM process. Logically, after having run a pilot on 5 routes, the revenue showed clear improvements and the changes were extended to the whole network.

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